February 14, 2023

Revolutionizing the Way the Automotive Industry Makes Business Decisions

Cloud Theory
Cloud Theory
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The automotive industry is extremely complex. In this market, being able to see detailed information on both you and your competitors at any given moment is a huge advantage. That’s why we created Cloud Theory, a data powerhouse that can show you exactly where you, your stores, or your clients stack up in any market by brand, segment, geography, and more.

Currently, OEM’s and Tier 1 and 2 Agencies and Affiliates don’t have it as easy as they should. They have to deal with:

  1. A lack of competitive information
  2. Outdated data
  3. Limited insights
  4. Difficult to understand software
  5. Numerous vendors

Cloud Theory eliminates these issues for their customers by offering innovative, all-in-one solutions built to make increasing your bottom line easy and effective.


Contextual Information

Good data shows you how you’re performing at any given time. GREAT data goes beyond your business, putting your stats in to competitive context. If you know what both you and your competitors are doing and how well it works, you have the advantage when it comes to making strategic decisions that put yourself ahead.

Cloud Theory has comprehensive knowledge of all the metrics that matter in the auto industry, for every brand, segment, and region down to the VIN level. This means that with our platform, you’ll have the clearest picture possible of your market and the steps you’ll need to take to improve your position. For example, you may know that your active inventory count is rising, but you may be missing crucial information like another brand outpacing you in inventory and market share growth. This is where Cloud Theory’s Inventory Efficiency Index can help you better understand your inventory position in context.


Real-Time Intelligence

To make the best strategic decisions, you need to use the best data. Right now, nearly all available data on inventory and pricing is at least one month old. This means that businesses in the auto industry are having to make decisions based on numbers that are no longer accurate, and they are not able to quickly adjust to changes in the market.

Cloud Theory has constantly updated data available 24/7, so you’ll never be behind. This is so valuable because it allows you to stay ahead of the curve, and be a first-mover in the industry.


Comprehensive Data

In order to achieve the highest possible return on investment, you need to invest your ad spend in the right places at the right time. If you’re an OEM marketer or agency, you need to know as much as possible about the market today to know where to invest.

Cloud Theory is able to show you regional and national performance by model, segment, DMA, and more and tell you how to reallocate your ad spend to maximize your results. If you know that you have a region that has a lot of inventory but is not selling as many cars, you can reallocate some ad spend from a region with less inventory to the one that has extra inventory to sell.


Actionable Insights

While it is great to know what is happening around you, it is hard to know how exactly to use that information to your benefit. For example, you may know that Model 1 of your brand has a lot more inventory than the rest of your cars. This is good news. However, digging deeper, you might find the reason behind this is low inventory efficiency, with Model 1 performing much worse than Model 2 and Model 3. This presents a great opportunity, because you now know that you can reallocate some ad spend from Models 2 and 3 to Model 1 since they have less inventory and more demand right now.


Efficient Ad Execution

Along with having great data and strategy, having great execution is extremely important in the auto industry. If you’re running the advertising for a lot of stores, it can be time consuming, whether you create ads in-house or you outsource the work to a vendor.

Cloud Theory’s platforms can also make ad execution much easier and more effective. With Cloud Theory’s technology, you can deliver social media, Google Vehicle Ads, Search, Digital Display, and Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) ads that are created using VIN-level data. This ensures the ads are always reaching the right people at the right time and leading them down the most efficient path to purchase possible.

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