October 13, 2023

Why Real-Time Market Share Data is Crucial for Success in the Automotive Industry

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Real time market share data

Market share is the percentage of total sales or revenue within a specific industry or market captured or earned by a particular company, brand, product, or service during a defined period. It is a key performance indicator that helps assess a company's position and influence within its industry, providing insights into its competitive standing and market dominance.


An OEM's market share is a key indicator of brand health. It's not just about having the largest slice of the pie; it's about understanding where you stand concerning your competitors. Market share gauges the ability of an OEM to influence market trends, consumer choices, and industry innovations.


A recent Cloud Theory release identified a few current market leaders as Honda, Kia, and. Toyota. These market leaders can wield considerable influence, setting industry trends and shaping customer preferences. Market share is the pulse of the auto industry, and an automotive OEM needs to keep a finger on that pulse to be successful and overtake competition.



OEM Reliance on Static Data is a Mistake 

In the automotive world, change is the only constant. An OEM’s ability to identify opportunities and vulnerabilities in its market position and current digital marketing plans is severely limited when those decisions are made using static data. An OEM relying on static data to make decisions to grow their market share, like inventory allocation, incentive optimization, and marketing plans, is like navigating an outdated map. The automotive industry is in a perpetual state of transformation, shaped by factors such as consumer preferences and technological advancements. In the automotive industry, timing is everything, and relying on old data can lead to falling behind competitors more attuned to the present and future.


The Benefits of Real-Time Data for Automotive OEMs

Real-time market share data is the competitive edge for success in the dynamic automotive industry. Unlike static data, which provides a retrospective view, real-time data captures and presents the information immediately. This type of data empowers OEM decision-makers to monitor market shifts as they happen, spot emerging trends before they fully materialize, and respond swiftly to changing industry conditions.


Horizon is a cutting-edge data solution that uses AI and machine learning to determine an OEM's supply and demand position across the US market. Cloud Theory's platform delivers up-to-the-minute insights, allowing OEMs to make decisions with the confidence that comes from having access to the most current market information. Horizon quickly identifies and diagnoses problems and areas for growth using real-time data. This reliance on real-time data allows automotive leaders to decide when, where, and how to deploy marketing support for an OEM and take advantage of competitive opportunities or threats. With Cloud Theory's real-time data, OEMs are not just keeping up with the industry—they're propelling their business forward with precision and confidence that the data is accurate, timely, and predictive.


Real-Time Data is Crucial for Success

The journey to the top in the automotive market starts with reliance on accurate and timely data, and with Cloud Theory's solutions, OEMs are not only equipped to keep pace with the industry but poised to lead it. Utilizing real-time market share data to make decisions in automotive marketing isn't just an option—it's necessary for success in the ever-evolving auto industry. Book a demo today to discover how Cloud Theory's cutting-edge 24/7 data solutions can transform an automotive OEMs' business and provide a competitive edge.   


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