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Make bold business decisions with relevant, actionable data insights.

At Cloud Theory, we combine cutting-edge data,  artificial intelligence, and deep automotive industry knowledge into one platform to provide insights that are timely, comprehensive, and useful. 


Meet your new favorite data insights and marketing tools:

Game-changing automotive intel you never knew you needed

Cloud Theory has developed multiple platforms to measure business strength in relationship to your market at the national, regional, or rooftop level. These tools arm automotive manufacturers, agencies, and affiliates with useful, relevant insights and modern marketing tools that have massive financial gain potential.

  • Real-time data
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Market-wide competitor information
  • Diagnosed challenges with actionable solutions
  • Automated digital marketing activation
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"Being able to make marketing and incentive allocation decisions based on national or local real-time inventory and market share insights is not just evolutionary, it's revolutionary.
Knowing where you and your competitors have vehicles to sell - and whether they are selling or need a boost - is a game changer"
Rick Wainschel VP of Data Science & Analytics
Our solutions

Make confident decisions to improve your performance and have eyes on the competition in real time.


Daily access to faster and more timely data

Our data is updated by AI technology every single day providing you with insights that matter now, not last month.

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Data that is comprehensive and complete

Our AI technology stores and analyzes every detail of every vehicle from every brand in every market.

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Insights that are actionable

We use our industry expertise and proprietary algorithms to simplify information into diagnosable problems and actionable solutions.

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Use Cases

Whether you’re in charge of inventory allocations, marketing spend, incentive programs or profitability, we will help you apply the best data and marketing activation tools you’ve ever seen. Here are just a few examples of how we can help you.


Advertising Budget Allocation

Allocate ad spend to models and markets with the most to gain.

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Inventory and Resource Allocation

Learn which markets are performing best and allocate specific models or resources to the right places.

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Initiative-based, Rooftop-level Resource Allocation

Stack rank how your dealer portfolio is performing according to strategic initiative.

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Digital Marketing Activation

We offer white label options for our cutting-edge digital advertising software that automates inventory-based ad delivery for your clients.

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