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We help automotive manufacturers, agencies, and affiliates like you do your jobs confidently. We provide timely answers to elusive questions that guide your strategic business decisions, and we use that same data to fuel vehicle-based digital marketing campaigns.

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Conquer today’s automotive challenges head-on with insights and tools that are timely, comprehensive, and applicable across any geography. We offer both market-wide and dealer rooftop level performance comparisons to meet the needs of automotive manufacturers, agencies, and affiliates.

Determine your supply and demand position in relation to your competitors across your entire US market and use the Horizon platform to quickly diagnose your challenge areas and identify growth opportunities.

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Marketing Planning and Efficiency

Determine when, where, and how to deploy marketing support to balance demand with supply and to take advantage of competitive opportunities or mitigate threats.

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Incentive Optimization

Increase incentives' efficiency by pinpointing models/trims and geographies from where support could be allocated or reallocated (i.e., if demand exceeds supply).

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Inventory Allocation

Find opportunities to move vehicles from high inventory/low turn rate geographies to markets or regions where there is a shortage of supply and high demand.

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Customized Reporting and Dashboards

Our team of experts will work with you to highlight key metrics and insights important to your role. 

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Digital Marketing Activation

Automate the creation and delivery of multi-channel inventory-based digital ads (Social Media Ads, OTT/CTV, Google Vehicle Ads, Google Search and Digital Display) all in one platform. More information below.

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Digital Marketing Activation

Connect real-time market supply and demand data with your marketing execution. Digital Marketing Activation can be added to either Horizon or Skyline to turbo boost your clients’ media results and your bottom line. 


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Inventory Intelligence

Use machine learning to collect and organize VIN-level data into a detailed record that contains detailed vehicle information like location, images, pricing, make, model, year, movement, and VDP.

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Creative Suite

Use automation that pulls images and data from live inventory on dealer websites to create beautiful ad units.

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Campaign Distribution

Create and deliver ads on multiple platforms including social media, Google Vehicle Ads, Search, Digital Display, and Over-the-Top (OTT) on Connected TVS (CTV).

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White-Labeled Results

White label and fully customize your reporting suite with 24/7 client-facing logins available.

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Managed Campaign Services

Utilize Cloud Theory as a full extension of your team and allow us to manage your clients' digital marketing campaigns on your behalf.

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Sales Enablement
  • Instant market opportunity
    View the active shoppers surrounding your client’s locations, their market share and position vs. their competitors.
  • Quoting tool
    Get an instant digital media quote based on market share vs. the competition.

24/7 Access To Faster And More Timely Data

Conquer today's automotive challenges head-on with insights and tools that are timely, comprehensive, and applicable across any geography.

Use a live database of every VIN's vehicle details in the country. Our years of accumulated inventory supply and demand data enable you to have third dimension of predictive data that you can't get anywhere else.

  • Effectively allocate marketing dollars more efficiently based on the market conditions as of today
  • Identify your opportunities and vulnerabilities in the context of key competitors' strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus on the right models and markets that will produce the most beneficial outcomes
  • Prioritize when to deploy support to maximize your budget impact
  • Run more effective marketing campaigns for your clients

Use Cases

Whether you’re in charge of inventory allocations, marketing spend, incentive programs or profitability, we will help you apply the best data and marketing activation tools you’ve ever seen. Here are just a few examples of how we can help you.

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Advertising Budget Allocation

Allocate ad spend to models and markets with the most to gain.

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Inventory and Resource Allocation

Learn which markets are performing best and allocate specific models or resources to the right places.

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Shopping Store

Initiative-based, Rooftop-level Resource Allocation

Stack rank how your dealer portfolio is performing according to strategic initiative.

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Digital Marketing Activation

We offer white label options for our cutting-edge digital advertising software that automates inventory-based ad delivery for your clients.

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