December 07, 2023

Introducing On the Horizon - A New Monthly Report From Cloud Theory That Focuses on Supply, Demand, and Inventory Efficiency Trends for Automotive Decision Makers

Cloud Theory
Cloud Theory

As Supply Grows and Demand Languishes, Higher Incentives Loom

Honda Leads on Inventory Efficiency Even as its Vehicle Count Grows by 19% 


Cloud Theory has announced a new monthly report entitled “On the Horizon,” focusing on supply, demand, and inventory efficiency trends. Cloud Theory’s comprehensive proprietary data backs the findings in this report and provides a complete and comprehensive view of inventory and vehicle movement counts and forecasts for the automotive industry. 


This first report provides an overview of November 2023, reviews industry and segment trends, new vehicle inventory, turn rate, and forecasts future movement data. "On The Horizon" also includes Cloud Theory’s patent-pending Inventory Efficiency Index (IEI), which provides a previously unavailable real-time view of market-relevant supply and demand across all makes, models, and geographies. The IEI metric offers critical insights for OEMS into the performance of their makes/modes currently for sale and if those cars are being sold in the most efficient way possible.


With "On the Horizon", Cloud Theory puts its proprietary, real-time data into a historical context, so automotive OEMs can view and understand critical insights that help make decisions involving allocating marketing and incentives dollars.   


See an excerpt below, and click the link to download the full report. 


Just two months after the automotive industry surpassed 2 million vehicles for the first time in more than two years; supply counts are approaching 2.5 million and showing no signs of slowing as OEMs continue their push to emerge from long-standing supply chain challenges.


Vehicle Movement

Meanwhile, vehicle movement has stayed stagnant, sitting at 1.01 million and staying in the very narrow 1.01-1.04 million range for the fourth consecutive month. Cloud Theory's 30-day forecast (based on inventory, turn rate counts, and trends) points to a continuation within that narrow range in December.


View the rest of the report here.

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