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Navigate Market Shifts with Our Comprehensive "On the Horizon: Automotive Industry Report"

Are you prepared to tackle the intricate automotive industry? Cloud Theory’s new comprehensive proprietary data backs the findings in this monthly report and provides a complete and comprehensive view of inventory and vehicle movement counts and forecasts for the automotive industry. 

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What's Included in Your FREE Report

Explore valuable insights to thrive in the automotive landscape with our FREE report:


Current Inventory Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the market's current average inventory, analyzing supply and demand dynamics.


Vehicle Movement Examination

Explore the current movement of vehicles in the market and receive predictions for the upcoming month.


Turn Rates Trends Deep Dive

Delve into a detailed analysis of turn rates and trends on a month-to-month and yearly basis.


Segment Trends Evaluation

Evaluate various vehicle types, from Mid-Size SUVs to Electric vehicles, and grasp the monthly shifts in the market.


Inventory Efficiency Index (IEI)

Utilize Cloud Theory's proprietary Inventory Efficiency Index to comprehend supply and demand for all makes and models across different geographies.

Why Download the Report?

In this report, industry stakeholders in automotive manufacturing, large dealer groups, agencies, affiliates, and investment firms will find valuable insights to navigate the evolving landscape of the electric vehicle (EV) market.