How can I create/edit a Strategy without going through Market Maker again?

Once you run Market Maker for a dealer, there are several ways you can add, edit, or launch a strategy, including through the Execution Hub, the My Strategies page, or Strategy Builder.

Editing a Draft Strategy from the Execution Hub

If you started building a strategy already, you can pick up where you left off at any time through Execution Hub. Simply navigate to a strategy in the Draft state and click Edit.

Editing or building a Strategy from the My Strategies page

To edit a strategy from the My Strategies page, select a quote, click Actions, and then click Edit.

In addition to editing strategies, you can also build a new strategy right from the My Strategies page. Simply click Build New Strategy in the upper left corner to be taken to Strategy Builder.

Strategy Builder

You can also navigate directly to Strategy Builder at any time. Click the 3 lines icon at the top left corner and then the Apps dropdown and Strategy Builder to begin creating a new strategy.