Forecasting: Active Strategies Table

The Active Strategies table allows users to view, edit, and forecast budgets for current strategies quickly and easily.

What Does the Active Strategies Table Show?

Strategies in these stages will appear in the Active Strategies table, while all others will show in the "Pipeline": Waiting on Fulfillment, In-Fulfillment, Active

What Does Each Strategy State Mean?

Draft - A new Strategy has been started with the Strategy Builder and is past the initial "Strategy Selection" step

Deal Created - A contract effective date has been set, and an existing or new deal has been created by clicking the "Create Deal" or "Link Deal" button

Contract Created - A contract has been created and is at the stage where it can be downloaded, and/or sent, and the contract recipient can be changed

Contract Sent - The contract has been sent

Waiting on Fulfillment - The client has signed, but the fulfillment form hasn't been submitted by the DSM

In-Fulfillment - Fulfillment form has been submitted and is in fulfillment with Ops, but no products are live

Active - Strategy has live products


Forecasting vs. editing a strategy

Editing will actually apply a change to a client's strategy while forecasting will show what the budget would look like without actually changing it.


Editing a strategy

When a budget change has already been approved by the client, use the Edit option in the Actions dropdown. Adjust the budget as needed, input the start date, and click Send Request to finalize the change.

Forecasting a strategy

When you are expecting a future budget change or want to show a client what a budget change would look like, use the Forecast option in the Actions dropdown. Adjust the budget, input the start date, and select Save Forecast to update the Active Strategies table with your forecast. If you want to actually apply the budget change rather than just forecast it, use the Apply Forecast button.